Changed Souls – Harriet Truscott

A dystopian mystery, set in an alternate 1920s Chicago hit by a terrible virus

After the virus came, everything changed. Seventeen ­year-old Lucille is left with just a pile of debt to remind her of her dead family and their failed farm. Working for the Mayor to control the spread of the disease seems like a chance to repay her father’s betrayal. Now, the city is under an authoritarian regime, incinerating bodies, rationing food and quarantining families.

When Lucille is called to the Mayor’s own apartment to take away a murder victim, everyone but her seems intent on a cover-up. Then the only person she trusts disappears…

Little by little, Lucille realises that the service she put her faith in is corrupt to the core. And now she must learn to make her own choices about what loyalty and betrayal mean.

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